Hello, my name is Gudrun

I am the Director and Principal Consultant of GoodRun Solutions.  I founded GoodRun Solutions in 2001.

Through GoodRun Solutions I offer management consulting, professional development and business review services to  small and medium-sized enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, tertiary institutions and government agencies.

The strength of my consultancy services is my ability to create tailored responses that are utilising well researched methodologies.

My extensive experience and professional skills enable an agile approach which means that I can either work with your internal team or draw from a pool of associates to meet identified project needs.

Key SERVICES offered

  • Reviews – Systematic investigative approaches represent an effective way to generate new understandings and concepts as part of continuous improvement and innovation. This is particularly important when reviewing incidents and service outcomes. My methodology is based on a tailored approach that reflects the subject environment. Strategies utilised to gather information may include face to face interviews, observations, focus groups, case studies, desktop analysis of data and surveys.
  • Mentoring and Professional Development – Opportunities to reflect on practice, expand professional skills and explore innovative ideas is at the heart of professional leadership and organisational maturing. Through GoodRun Solutions your organisation can access tailored professional development opportunities for individuals and teams that enhance individual and organisational outcomes. My areas of expertise include cultural intelligence, quality management, intentional and reflective professional practice.
  • Certification and Verification preparation – Prior to a verification or certification against industry standards certain preparations should be made. I offer an independent service to ensure your organisation has consistent and robust systems in place to demonstrate its practice.
  • Facilitation of Strategic and Operational Meetings – Guiding meetings within timelines requires particular process skills that are responsive to goals and dynamics in play.  I create facilitation environments that are inclusive, effective and have clarity of purpose.

Professional ETHICS applied

  • Integrity – the foundation of professionalism; honesty, diligence and responsibility
  • Due professional care – across all tasks performed
  • Collaboration – working together with all stakeholders to achieve results
  • Transparency – all process components are openly communicated and reviewable
  • Celebrating Diversity – harnessing the wisdom represented by diverse knowledge, experiences and views

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Gudrun Gilles, Director and Principal Consultant