Creating an organisational culture that works

The culture within organisations has an impact on every facet of the organisation. This includes how we present ourselves to clients and prospective employees, the quality of services and outcomes achieved and workforce satisfaction and retention.
What is organisational culture?
Organisational culture includes the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of an organisation. It starts with the knowledge of who you are and what you are about. It encompasses how you communicate to your various stakeholders, how you do your ‘business’, what holds you together and helps you sustain yourself and grow.
When exploring organisational culture with clients I often get the initial response of: ‘We know who we are and why we are here’.
Why don’t you reflect a bit further and substantiate this statement?

  • When asked to state what comes to mind when they hear your organisation’s name would your clients give a response that is similar to the vision, goals and objectives?
  • What would employees respond with if they were asked about their contribution to your organisation and its services? Will their answer match your description of their role?
  • How would senior members of your team respond when asked about the organisation’s vision for the future? Will it match your strategic plan?

If the responses to these questions put some doubt in your mind about your original answer to the statement you may want to explore your organisation’s culture further as part of your strategic planning or regular team meetings. Please feel free to contact Gudrun to discuss your organisation’s needs and what we can do to create a culture in your organisation that enhances the way you work, increases client and workforce satisfaction and promotes growth.

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